CD review DARK ZODIAK ‘Ophiuchus’

Dark Zodiak come from the very south of Germany, close to the Swiss border. There, embedded in a picturesque landscape, you can find Eggingen. The small municipality has not only nature to offer but with Dark Zodiak also a metal forge under steam.

The quintet started in 2011 and a first EP, ‘Throwing Stones’, followed in 2013. After two LPs it is now ‘Ophiuchus’, the third album, which is unleashed to mankind. Dark Zodiak deliver a blend of thrash and death metal built on tons of massive riffs, down-tuned guitars and raspy vocals. Singer Simone Schwarz’ voice should be mentioned in this context. From growls, via clean vocals to jangling moments, the voice includes everything such a metal album needs. The well chosen title track ‘Ophiuchus’ shows the whole range, including the narrative middle part with acoustic accents, framed by galloping guitars. If you like it more straightforward, ‘2020 AD’ is recommended, a blast that goes full speed ahead.

Dark Zodiak’s new album makes your loudspeakers roar. Provided with a decent portion of groove, the five Swabians rock through these 10 songs as if there was no tomorrow. Those who are looking for well-made extreme metal, beyond the bigger acts, should definitely give this album a listen.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Do More, Say Less
  2. Heaven, Earth and Beneath
  3. Invisible Apocalypse
  4. Ophiuchus
  5. Destry Destruction
  6. Humor
  7. From Thrash Till Death
  8. 2020 AD
  9. Total Freedom
  10. Ignorance

Label: Self-released

Genre: Death-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 30th, 2021



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