CD review STEVE HACKETT ‘Under a Mediterranean Sky’

Steve Hackett, known from bands like Genesis and GTR, has also been dedicated to his solo albums since the 70s, with a new one to be released in mid-January. Besides music, Hackett also has a passion for travel, especially through the Mediterranean area. In a time when travel becomes almost a mission impossible, Hackett has embarked on a musical journey instead. Inspired by his travels and the musical ideas that emerged along the way, Hackett takes his fans on a contemplative excursion through the soundscapes of the Mediterranean.

‘Under a Mediterranean Sky’ is the title of an album that includes eleven songs. Together with long-term partner Roger King, Hackett creates an album that invites you to dream and is far away from loudness and rushing of daily life. ‘Under a Mediterranean Sky’ is Hackett’s first solo acoustic album and orchestral elements, arranged by Roger King, are complete the musical picture. This longplayer has little not to do with rock and the electric guitar also stays in the box. Hackett shines on the acoustic guitar and releases tunes for a relaxed Sunday morning with a good espresso.

‘Under a Mediteranean Sky’ reflects a peaceful and harmonious soundscape. It is a musical retreat where all the worries and troubles of daily life are left out and only the azure blue of the sea shimmers. If you love the Mediterranean and would like to dream yourself there, at least imaginatively, ‘Under a Mediterranean Sky’ is recommended.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Mdina (The Walled City)
  2. Adriatic Blue
  3. Sirocco
  4. Joie de Vivre
  5. The Memory Of Myth
  6. Scarlatti Sonata
  7. Casa del Fauno
  8. The Dervish And The Djin
  9. Lorato
  10. Andalusian Heart
  11. The Call Of the Sea

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: January 22nd, 2021



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