CD review POUNDER ‘Breaking the World’

Pounder is based in sunny Los Angeles, CA and it was in 1997 when three metal manics teamed up to bring new life to traditional heavy metal.

Matt, Tom and Alejandro, that’s Pounder, and ‘Breaking the World’ is their new album. After the trio launched with ‘ Uncivilized ‘ their debut in 2019, it is now the sophomore longplayer that will conquer the metal world. In the meantime the guys are signed to Shadow Kingdom Records, not a bad choice considering the fact that bands like Night Demon took their first steps there too.

Pounder releases with ‘Breaking the World’ a logical next step that follows the debut. Traditional heavy metal is still the ne plus ultra for the trio. Songs like the pulse-pounding title track and the powerful ‘Hard Road to Home’ are well done metal tracks and also the deeply 80’s anchored ‘Give Me Rock’ knows how to impress.

Pounder deliver metal that will be enjoyed by headbangers as it is impossible not to stress neck muscles while listening to ‘Breaking the World’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Spoils of War
  2. Breaking the World
  3. Hard Road to Home
  4. Never Forever
  5. Hard City
  6. Give Me Rock
  7. Deadly Eyes

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2021


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