CD review WARDRUNA ‘Kvitravn’

Wardruna’s new masterpiece was announced for a release in summer 2020 and had to be postponed to January 2021. Limitations and restriction, based on the pandemic situation, forced the band to bring their new longplayer to the record stores a bit later than expected. In the meantime the new release date is announced, which will be January 22nd, 2021 and in a time of live shows still being nearly impossible it is at least new music that brings positivity to the plate.

Wardruna, that’s the brainchild of Bergen-based musician Einar Selvik, who, together with Lindy-Fay Hella, released four longplayers to date with ‘Kvitravn’ being the newest delivery. ‘Kvitravn’, the ‘white raven’, connects to the ‘Runaljod’-trilogy and at the same time shows a development.

No doubt, Wardruna stays true to themselves and their musical roots. With a bigger arsenal of traditional and historic instruments, the duo unfolds for a fifth time a mystical landscape, create by music and sounds. In times when modern life has reached an earmarking moment, the recentering in life became an aspect in the year 2020. In this context, Selvik’s and Hella’s music is almost a soundtrack for a time when nature and the essence of life became more important again that living on the fast-lane.

Theme-wise the album reconnects to magic, mythology and nature. It’s a next chpater in Wardruna’s way of spiritual concepts that units saga and songs to a rather unique sound. This time supported by various guest singer, including Kirsten Braten Berg, one of the most important artists when it comes to historic Norwegian folk music.

‘Kvitravn’ fits perfectly into the current times. In a world of isolation and lockdowns it’s nature that remains in reach. Being out in nature is what more people do these days and the new Wardruna album is the ideal soundtrack for such a trip. Also equipped with symbolic and mystic, Wardruna offers songs with emotional depth, soundscapes that put a mysterious spell on you from start to finish. Talking about the closing of the album, ‘Andevarljod’ is the ten minutes masterpiece of the album that is kept for being the grande finale of this longplayer.

‘Kvitravn’ – an album that you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for more than sheer riff power.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Sybkverv
  2. Kvitravn
  3. Skugge
  4. Grá
  5. Fylgjutal
  6. Munin
  7. Kvit hjort
  8. Viseveiding
  9. Ni
  10. Vindavlarljod
  11. Andervarljod

Label: Columbia /Sony Music

Genre: Dark Nordic Folk

Release Date EU: January 22nd, 2021



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