Live report DESTRUCTION ‘Thrash Into 2021’, Internet Stream from Z7, Pratteln – 01.01.2021

To leave 2020 behind and start into 2021 with a Destruction live event is certainly one of the best ways to kick-off the coming 12 months. Since nine months lights are off at venues and no music fills the rooms. 2021 is a year that at least brings some hope and until fans and bands can unite again it’s live shows like this one that helps to keep the spirit alive.

Destruction didn’t choose a smaller stage for their stream. They went to Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland for playing and streaming the show, a professional environment that helps to make use of good lighting and deliver a decent sound.

‘Best of 38 Years – Thrash Into 2021’ is the title of this live stream event and ‘Born to Perish’, the title track from the latest studio album leads things off. After starting in the present, Destruction take a big leap to the early days. ‘Death Trap’ is next. The song is taken from the ‘Infernal Overkill’ album, the band’s debut from 1985 and it shouldn’t be the last classic played tonight.

What is remarkable that early in the show is the excellent sound, something that’s really important to Schmier. Having the possibility to play at a venue like Z7 allows a wider range of options for an excellent sound and Destruction make use of it in a very good fashion. After having covered the poles in Destruction’s discography we move towards the middle of the batting order with ‘Nailed to the Cross’ from ‘The Antichrist’ album.

An often awkward moment during streaming shows are the small slots between two songs, moments of total silence. Usually it’s the adrenalized crowd that fills the gap but during live streams this option is gone. Destruction use some bridging background interludes that break the silence in a good way and create a flow.

‘Tormentor’ is introduced by a short drum solo of Randy Black before the skull-crushing journey through German thrash metal continues with ‘Rotten’. A song that can’t be missed in any Destruction set is the legendary ‘Mad Butcher’ and also an internet stream doesn’t take away any brutality of this timeless thrash metal hymn.

Also songs that haven’t been played for a while are part of tonights setlist. ‘Reject Emotions’ is one of these tracks that hasn’t been played very often after 2009. With Destruction being a quartet again allows a proper live version of the classic, taken from the ‘Mad Butcher’ EP.

Another Randy Black drum solo bridges to ‘Betrayal’ and it’s again the smart ways of filling the gap between songs that keeps the energy level high. The half-acoustic start of ‘Sign of Fear’ brings back the ‘Release From Agony’-days, a song that benefits from Destruction being a four-piece powerhouse again.

A triple of old classics (‘Life Without Sense’, ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Invincible Force’) brings you back to the early days of Greman thrash metal. The destructive sound of a chainsaw introduces ‘Butcher Strikes Back’, this time, and probably COVID-based, with no butcher on stage. Guess it would have been the ‘masked butcher’ otherwise these days.

The grande finale of this live streaming event features the all-time faves and it is the smashing ‘Total Desaster’ from 1983 that ends the show after nearly two hours.

Destruction’s ‘Thrash Into 2021’ is a good example for how to do a live stream. Although being performed in front of an empty room, the band sent a real live feeling through the internet right into your living room. There is no better way to start 2021 and blow away the hangover from a very strange last year.


  1. Born to Perish
  2. Death Trap
  3. Nailed to the Cross
  4. Armageddonizer
  5. Tormentor
  6. Rotten
  7. Mad Butcher
  8. Reject Emotions
  9. Thrash Till Death
  10. Betrayal
  11. Sign of Fear
  12. Guitar solo (Damir Eskić)
  13. Inspired By Death
  14. Release From Agony
  15. Life Without Sense
  16. Antichrist
  17. Invincible Force
  18. Under Attack
  19. Bestial Invasion
  20. Butcher Strikes Back
  21. Curse the Gods
  22. Total Desaster

Location: Internet Stream

Date: January 1st, 2021

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