CD review CADAVER ‘Edder & Bile’

An album in which I had great hope is the new album of Cadaver. Anders Odden, also known from Satyricon, started the band in 1988 and since then, Cadaver has been an on/off project. Three albums, that was essentially what Cadaver brought to the shelves. For a long time it was quiet around the band before Cadaver appeared with the ‘D.G.A.F.’ EP and showed a new sign of life. The excitement was huge, which is also due to the fact that drum legend Dirk Verbeuren is again part of the band.

The new album is now in the record stores. ‘Edder & Bile’ is the name of the fourth longplayer and to be honest, I was hoping for more. ‘More’ in this context does not mean more songs. Well, the running time is with just about half an hour a bit short, but it’s the ideas that are missing in the about 30 minutes. Tempo is on top of everything on ‘Edder & Bile’ which certainly puts Verbeuren’s incredible drum performance in the spotlight. However, the overall lack of variety is a downside and even the fact that Possessed mastermind Jeff Becerra refines ‘Circle of Morbitiy’ doesn’t mean, that the album doesn’t have many recurring elements. After half an hour you’ve heard enough and the listener can handle a change of scenery.

In summary, the expectations of ‘Edder & Bile’ were higher than what the album offers. If you look at the protagonists’ skills, you can conclude that there was more to expect, a missed chance.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Morgue Ritual
  2. Circle of Morbidity (feat. Jeff Becerra)
  3. Feed the Pigs (feat. Kam Lee)
  4. Final Fight
  5. Deathmachine
  6. Reborn
  7. The Pestilence
  8. Edder & Bile
  9. Years of Nothing
  10. Let Me Burn

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Extreme Metal

Release Date EU: November 27th, 2020



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