CD review EVILDEAD ‘United States of Anarchy’

It seems like the current state of this world, with all the social, political and environmental injustice, provides bands with a lot of topics for writing new songs. Rising anger seems to be the fruitful soil for music that’s not necessarily loud and furious, thinking about the recent acoustic release by Death Angel and the great video they did for ‘Under Pressure’.

Another thrash metal band though goes for a more furious approach. Metal veterans Evildead hammer out a new longplayer after having inked a deal with Steamhammer/SPV in 2019. ‘United States of Anarchy’ is Evildead’s first longplayer in 29 years and their third record in total. The band unleashed in the end of the ’80s/early ’90s two longplayers that received positive feedback and attention in the world of metal.

Metal bands faced a tough time in the ’90s with an upcoming focus on grunge and nu metal. As some other bands too, Evildead decided at the time to stop with the band with band members focussing on other projects.

It was in 2009 when first activities at the Evildead camp could be recognized and it took another eleven years to welcome a new longplayer. Having listened to album many times allows me to say that it was worth waiting. Albert Gonzales, Juan Garcia, Rob Alaniz, Phil Flores and Karlos Medina deliver with ‘United States of Anarchy’ a vibrant thrash metal album that I haven’t expected to be that strong.

In total nine songs reflect the sinister beauty of thrash metal. Blistering riffs, a thundering rhythm-section and bad-ass riffing, that’s what the longplayer offers from start to finish. The first song that was unveiled prior to release date is the opener of the album. ‘The Descending’ is the raging beginning of ‘United States of Anarchy’ and watching the lyric video gives a good impression of what to expect. Evildead’s third longplayer showcases a band that’s angry and has with this longplayer an outlet for the anger.

Songs like ‘Greenhouse’ and the uptempo ‘Blasphemy Divine’ represent pure thrash metal without frills. Sometimes a bit more related to the sound of Slayer and showing parallels with bands like Exodus too, Evildead don’t put the brakes on. Their new record is a wrecking ball, proving that (thrash-) metal is never a question of age, it’s an attitude. ‘United States of Anarchy’ stands for the latter and if ’80s inspired thrash metal is your thing, you dig this album.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Descending
  2. Word Of God
  3. Napoleon Complex
  4. Green House
  5. Without A Cause
  6. No Difference
  7. Blasphemy Divine
  8. A.O.P. / War Dance
  9. Seed Of Doubt

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 30th, 2020



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