CD review SCORCHED OAK ‘Withering Earth’

Sometimes good things just come to you. The inbox is full with releases and sometimes it takes a coincident to get to the good stuff. This time it was my friend Christian from Hamburg’s Plattenkiste, who recommended this release to me. Knowing his good musical taste meant to me, checking out this album, and so should you.

Scorched Oak is a band, hailing from Dortmund, Germany. I’m not sure if it’s due to global warming and summertimes with heatwaves that let stoner rock grow in the Northern parts more and more. However, Scorched Oak is infected by the sound of heavy-weight riffing and slowly rolling rhythms, all manifested on their debut.

Scorched Oak is a trio, featuring bassplayer and singer Linda, guitarist and singer Ben plus drummer Freed. Stoner rock is their passion and what the three-piece band delivers on their debut is remarkable. Five songs and a running time of 50+ minutes speaks for itself. What begins with the impressive opener ‘Mountain’ continues as a rock solid trip through the world of slo-mo sounds with a strong doom metal touch.

‘Forest’ is another well-crafted track on the album, a forest that doesn’t provide cooling shades. It’s more the heat of a wildfire you have to face. The rock’n’roll beast gets unleashed with the heavy pounding ‘Swamp’ with Linda’s raspy vocals being an essential piece of the mix. If you have the chance to just listen to one song, take this one.

The bottom part of the tracklist contains the mammoth tracks. ‘Tide’ is a hypnotic 10 minutes groove machine that brings shimmering desert heat right to your living room. Mighty riffing and thundering groove, that’s the base for the song. What makes Scorched Oak’s sound exciting too are the shared vocals. Linda and Ben don’t go for a duet in the traditional meaning. It’s more that each of them has its own part, which gives the songs different nuances and expressions.

With ‘Desert’ nomen et omen. Scorched Oak show all their songwriting creativity and skills, packaged in this nearly 15 minutes composition. It’s a pity that bands like Scorched Oak don’t get more attention since what they deliver is often better than what big players have in their offer. These young bands are hungry and passionate, two things ‘Withering Earth’ benefits from a lot. Cool stuff from Germany with a wow factor.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Mountain
  2. Swamp
  3. Forest
  4. Tide
  5. Desert

Label: self-released

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020



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