CD review KING MOTHERSHIP ‘The Ritual’

King Mothership is brainchild of Spencer Sotelo, known as frontman of the progressive powerhouse Periphery. The roots of ‘The Ritual’ go back far in time, days between the first and the second Periphery albums. It was in 2011, when Sotelo started to work on song that didn’t really fit to what Periphery is into. This was the starting point of a solo project that now releases with ‘The Ritual’ an immersive musical approach.

The strength of this album is at the same time its weak spot. ‘The Ritual’ is such a horn of plenty when it comes to influences and sounds that on the one hand inspires throughout and at the same time misses a kind of common denominator. The opener ‘Cosmic Meltdown’, following the intro ‘Hope’, illustrates it very well. From Modern American Rock via progressive Metal elements to almost Queen-ish sound pieces, the song offers a kaleidoscope of sounds.

‘Gold’ is more relaxed and swinging with an ease, reminding of Jamiroquai. ‘Death Machine’ is the heavier counterpart to ‘Gold’ with a strong groove creating the base for a song that acts as an energy boost. And to the stretch the frames even wider, you also should listen to ‘Goodnight My Darling’. Is it a song or an interlude? However, in less then two minutes King Mothership unveil emotional intensity with the lullaby-ish ‘Goodnight My Darling’, a ballad that’s too exciting to fall asleep.

‘The Devil’s Train’ delivers a funky journey rather than a full-steam engine before the powerful, but melodic chorus kicks in. Last but not least there is with ‘I Stand Alone’ a heavy closer that comes with many layers, a mixture of Faith No More, Post-Core and Modern Rock.

‘The Ritual’ is an interesting album that has as many nuances as the cover artwork implies and there is no single box for this multi-influential release. I can’t deny that the album comes with a thrill, also it’s a bit too much of everything. Still a good way to spend 49 minutes though, and maybe more.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Hope
  2. Cosmic Meltdown
  3. Gold
  4. Only You
  5. Babby
  6. Goodnight My Darling
  7. Death Machine
  8. The Ritual
  9. Ego 101
  10. The Devil’s Train
  11. Imminent Distortion
  12. I Stand Alone (feat. Plini)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

Release Date EU: October 2nd, 2020



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