GAUPA, exciting music from Sweden

The other day an album crossed my path that might has been a bit under-represented this year. The moniker of the band is Gaupa and the guys are from Sweden, from Falun to be precise.

Gaupa is a quintet, consisting of Erik Jerka-Sävstroem (b), Jimmy Hurtig (d), Danial Nygren (g), David Rosberg (g) and Emma Näslund (v), the latter with an excellent voice. The five-piece band is into Rock in a wider sense. It’s not just traditional Rock music they are playing. The guys spice it up with Stoner Rock and psychedelic elements, sometimes leaning over to Doom too.

The band unleashed their debut album ‘Feberdröm’ in April this year and the upcoming pandemic potentially limited the possibilities of letting the world know about this longplayer.

‘Feberdröm’ contains eight songs and Swedish is the main language used when it comes to song titles, which means for the vast majority to focus more on the music. We start with ‘Vakuum’. It’s actually a ‘vacuum’ that has a lot of substance. At the latest when Näslund starts to sing you should be convinced of having invested in the right longplayer. The mystic and silent notes are the foundation for ‘Grycksbo gånglåt’, widening the musical bandwidth.

‘Feberdröm’ is a pretty cool debut album, done by a band that obviously has the potential to grow to a bigger player in the fields of Rock. Check it out.



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