CD review PLAGUE YEARS ‘Circle of Darkness’

Michigan-based riff grinders Plague Years unleashed a first wrecking ball called ‘Unholy Infestation’ in 2018. eOne has noticed the potential of the band, hailing from Detroit, and after a contract has been signed the full-length debut will be in the shelves mid September.

There can’t be a much better moniker for a band these days than Plague Years and what the guys deliver with their debut is a blast. The label info describes the music of Plague Years as being influenced by the early Kreator and Obituary, both being relevant comparisons. Next to these influences Plague Years’ music includes also is a solid groove that reminds more of bands like Prong (‘Nrftl’).

It’s well-invested time to listen to the aggressive Metal/Hardcore smasher ‘Witness Hell’ and slowly crawling riff monster ‘Eternal Fire’, the latter being a great Metal track where headbanging isn’t an option, it’s a mandatory.

Plague Years is infectious, at least when it comes to riffpower and groove. Symptoms are, that you want to press the ‘Start’-button over and over again, a desire metalheads can easily handle. In contrary to the ongoing pandemic it’s Plague Years that shouldn’t end. These guys just started their first wave.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Play The Victim
  2. Witness Hell
  3. Paradox Of Death
  4. Eternal Fire
  5. Circle Of Darkness
  6. Evil One
  7. Incantation
  8. Nrftl
  9. World In Blood
  10. Urge To Kill

Label: eOne

Genre: Death-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020


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