CD review WHITE DOG ‘White Dog’

In a world of high-tech and digital gimmicks an album like ‘White Dog’ sound refreshing. ‘White Dog’ is not only the title of this release, it’s also the band name. The quintet calls Austin, Texas their home and their musical imprint is back deeply in the sounds of the ‘70s. White Dog play an exciting mixture of Classic Rock, Rock, Psychedelic and Southern Rock. So far so good.

White Dog started their mission back in 2015. Carl Amoss, his brother John, Rex Pape and Clemente De Hoyos were all going to school at Texas State University to study music. The moment singer Joe Sterling joined the band, the line-up was ready to embark on a trip through the endless musical landscapes of hand-made Rock music.

Now the self-titled debut is ready to be shipped to the record stores, a longplayer that features eight songs. ‘White Dog’ is refreshing anti-commercial album and that’s exactly what can make it to a success. It’s mainly the authenticity, the teamwork spirit and the organic sound that makes each of the tracks of this debut to a little treat that reminds you of musically tasteful past that leans over to the here and now.

The warm sound of Stratocasters and Clemente’s Les Paul create a world of sounds that colorful and full of emotional depth. Listening to the album feels like listening to songs that were created while recording. Although every piece of the puzzle finds the right spot, there is a constant spirit of improvisation that comes with songs like the grooving ‘Snapdragon’. A track I would also like to highlight is the dark but swinging ‘Lanterns’, a song with a Witchcraft-ish expression. Or check-out the explosive ‘Black Powder’, another cool grooving track with electrifying energy.

White Dog premiers with this album that comes through Rise Above Records. The fact that the label signed the five-piece band from Austin, Texas shows their potential and it feels very much like these guys in the flare pants came to stay for a while. White Dog, that’s something real in a world of fakes and showoffs.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Sawtooth
  2. Black Powder
  3. Lanterns
  4. Snapdragon
  5. Crystal Panther
  6. Abandon Ship
  7. Pale Horse
  8. Versus Cultus

Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2020

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