CD review MESSIAH ‘Fracmont’

Live shows, something we’re all missing these days, have been the kick-start for Swiss Metal veterans Messiah to get together again for working on a next Messiah album – the first one in 26 years. With being hungry again for furious Thrash Metal, the band went at the studio again and what results from the effort is a ten songs comprising new album that impresses.

The acoustic intro “Sacrosanctus Primitvus’ is the starting point of ‘Fracmont’. It’s a dramatic opening with some choral parts that slowly builds up to ‘Fracmont’, the title track. Riff, rhythm and raspy vocals, these are the three ‘r’ describing the song best. Messiah use the song as a statement right in the beginning, a tune that shows the full width of their sound in 2020. Fast leads rotate with grooving sections, all put together in a smart fashion.

‘Fracmont’ isn’t a happy and light-flooded longplayer. It is the catacombs of souls that are unveiled in 48 minutes. ‘Morte Al Dente’ is a song that carries this oppressive vibe with a heavy pounding riff and the calmer sections, all following the acoustic into that announces a baleful continuation.

‘Singularity’ shows Messiah being able to push the pedal to the metal without any compromise. This song is a Thrash Metal force of nature before things get more diverse again with the gloomy ‘Children of Faith’. What strikes is the fact that Messiah doesn’t follow one approach only on this new album. Rooted in Thrash Metal, the quintet is wider in their approach of writing songs, which benefits the flow of ‘Fracmont’ a lot. A great riff is the base for ‘My Flesh – Your Soul’ before an ‘Ave Maria’ introduces the raging closer ‘Throne of Diabolic Heretics’.

‘Fracmont’ is Messiah’s first album in 26 years and it’s a grand one. The songs find the right balance between harsh, powerful and varied, all done with the spirit of a dark soul. The EP, released a few weeks ago, was already an appetizer and here comes the main course. Enjoy.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Sacrosanctus Primitivus
  2. Fracmont
  3. Morte Al Dente
  4. Urbi Et Orbi
  5. Singularity
  6. Children Of Faith
  7. Dein Wille geschehe
  8. Miracle Far Beyond Disaster
  9. My Flesh – Your Soul
  10. Throne Of Diabolic Heretics

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Thrsah Metal

Release Date EU: September 11th, 2020



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