CD review BEYOND THE BLACK ‘Hørizøns’

Looking at the success of their previous albums one has to state that Beyond The Black certainly belong to the more successful German rock band these days. Nevertheless, Jennifer Haben and bandmates did not always receive only positive feedback. Especially the year 2016 was a caesura, with Haben replacing all her musicians, a full line-up exchange which led to some questions.

Anyway, this is the past and with their fourth album the band, in the meantime with a stable line-up again, starts into the future. Haben and Co. named the longplayer ‘Hørizøns’ and put 13 new songs on the tracklist. Right from the beginning of the album it can be said that Beyond The Black has been able to pick up on old traditions and the exploration of new horizons was certainly not the focus.

The fourth album of the German rock/metal band is based on catchy melodies and hooks that catch on the listeners’ attention. But this does not mean that everything has to sound always happy. ‘Human’ has a darker mood, while songs like the title track rock with an ease. ‘Golden Pariah’ is more of a bombastic track and ‘Marching On’ also pleases with a nice melodic flow. Sometimes, like on ‘Some Kind of Monster’, the focus is a little too much on the fast success, but OK…

In general we can say that ‘Hørizøn’ is certainly not a bad album. Catchy songs, a good drive and a well-crafted sound make the album unfold its full power. But it’s the surprising moments that are missing, something that makes you say “wow, I didn’t expect that”. Hørizøns’ is good, plays safe and contains little new. The album will certainly be a successful commercial continuation of its predecessors and fans will love the fourth studio album. And those who didn’t know what to do with the band so far will not have to bother this time either.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Label: Airforce 1 Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: June 19th, 2020



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