CD review SORCERER ‘Lamenting Of The Innocent’

That Swedes can compose and play doom metal is nothing new. After all, it was Candlemass who released with ‘Nightfall’ a reference album which is still the benchmark for every doom metal band today. Piece by piece it is now their Swedish compatriots from Sorcerer who are getting closer to this milestone album.

Sorcerer is a phenomenon anyway. The beginnings of the band can be found in the 90’s but Sorcerer managed to do no more than a few demos and a contribution to the ‘Heathens from the North’ compilation. That was all they could do and in 1992 the band decided to call it a day.

The tide turned in 2010 when the band performed at the Hammer Of Doom festival and obviously enjoyed playing again as a band. In 2015, 27 years after the band was first formed, Sorcerer debuted with the fantastic ‘In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross’ and now it’s ‘Lamenting of the Innocent’ being the band’s third release. While the two previous records were already brilliant, it is the new album that raises the bar a bit higher.

After the short intro ‘Persecution’ has faded away, the band gets going with ‘The Hammer of the Witches’. The relatively brisk song impresses with its heaviness, a melodic bridge and a striking chorus. Vocalist Anders Engberg is very good with vocals while the guitar duo Halgren and Niemann fire excellent riffs.

Actually it doesn’t matter which song you listen to, the quality is constantly high. A highlight is definitely the eight minutes title track. The start is rather emotional. Steadily the song gets heavier. Slowly and hauntingly the song comes out of the speakers and every riff is celebrated. Nevertheless the Swedes know how to surprise what becomes apparent during the growls in the middle part. Exactly these phrases are what makes the album a listening treat.

Sorcerer doesn’t do short songs and the majority of the tracks are between seven and eight minutes in length. The smooth ‘Deliverance’ is with five minutes almost an exception, but only concerning length and not regarding quality. ‘Age of the Damned’ is another metal anthem you shouldn’t miss and the following doom monster ‘Condemned’ demonstrates all the skills of the Swedish quintet in a great fashion.

After a diabolically held ‘Dance with the Devil’ the last chapter starts with ‘Path to Perdition’. In eight minutes the guys again show everything Sorcerer stands for and seduce the listener to press the ‘Start’-button again after the last note has faded away.

‘Lamenting of the Innocent’ is without a doubt a small masterpiece. Pver an hour of epic doom metal at its best, that’s what you get from Sorcerer on their new album, a record that will give you lasting metallic delight.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Persecution (intro)
  2. The Hammer of Witches 
  3. Lamenting of the Innocent
  4. Age of the Damned
  5. Where Spirits Die
  6. Deliverance 
  7. Institoris
  8. Condemned
  9. Dance with the Devil 
  10. Path To Perdition

Label: Metal Blades Records

Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2020



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