CD review YOGI LANG ‘4 Songs Live’

Yogi Lang is known as the singer of RPWL and has already achieved successes with the band that go beyond underground status. What is more rare are solo activities of the singer with the great voice. What is even less frequent are live shows from Lang. That’s why his fans were delighted when the singer packed his suitcase last November to embark on a five concert comprising mini tour.

De Cacaofabriek in Helmond, not far from the German border, provided a great scenery for a Yogi Land concert, a show which is also the basis for this live release.

Supported by Torsten Weber and RPWL members, the singer played four tunes off the ‘A Way Out of Here’ album which reflect Lang’s class very well. ‘4 Songs Live’ is a lively release that spreads joy through great music, emotions and feeling. Elegant melodies and sensitive vocals make the album a relaxing journey through worlds of sound. ‘4 Songs Live’ is a soundtrack that helps to slow down in hectic times.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Move On
  2. A Way Out of Here
  3. Shine On Me
  4. I’ll Be There For You

Label: Gentle Art Of Music

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2020


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