THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION – a band on the upswing

It is almost impossible to have an overview of all bands and releases these days and sometimes it is also a coincidence that draws your attention to a certain band. In this case it is The Neptume Power Federation and their second album that came to me in such an unusual fashion.

It was a short interview I did with Christian Kind from the Plattenkiste Hamburg. In the interview Christian told me about Mike Foxall, the guitarist of The Neptume Power Federation, who also designed the logo for the Plattenkiste. Curious about the band, I started to dig into the the music of the Australians and was positively surprised. In the meantime and for a good reason, the vinyl version of their second album, ‘Lucifer’s Universe’, belongs to my record collection.

The Neptune Power Federation is a band you should definitely listen to. Classic rock, stoner, hard rock, psychedelic, metal and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, everything comes together on the four records of the fourpiece band. The quartet from down under combines all these influences and creates an impressive sound that has never been heard before. The Neptune Power Federation doesn’t care about conformity and trends. The four guys follow their own musical compass from start to end. It is the musical freedom that makes this album special and extremely entertaining. If you don’t have the band on your metal radar yet, it’s time to close the gap, because we’ll have a lot more years of crazy fun with this band.



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