CD review ROSS THE BOSS ‘Born of Fire’

I think that a lot of things regarding Manowar that can be controversially discussed and looked upon from different angles. What I think everybody agrees to is that fact that the years with Ross ‘The Boss’ Friedman have been the most successful ones, including albums that became milestones in Heavy Metal and the moment Friedman and Manowar parted ways in 1988 was a tipping point or at least the end of era.

The NY-based guitarist returned in 2006 as Ross The Boss and releases since then longplayers that remind of the glorious Metal days in the ‘80s. While other bands talk (you know who I’m talking about), Ross The Boss plays Heavy Metal. ‘Born of Fire’ is the new prove of work from the guitarist and gets to the stores in early March, featuring 12 new songs. Ross The Boss has some partners in crime on board for working with on this record, a constellation that consists of  Marc Lopez (v), Mike LePond (b) and Steve Bolognese (d), and also acts as the tour line-up.

With ‘Glory to the Slain’ things get to the point right away. There isn’t any intro nor there are some frill. Hard-hitting drums, merciless riffs and great vocals set the tone of voice right away. The band doesn’t need even three minutes to get everybody to working temperature.

‘Born of Fire’ is an eargasm for fans of traditional Heavy Metal. ‘Denied By the Cross’ for example is a furious Metal hymn with a chorus that can be easily sung by any metal fans during the live shows. A song that differs a bit from the rest is entitled ‘Maiden of Shadows’. Irish Folk is weaved into this blistering Metal anthem, spicing up Ross The Boss’ musical bandwidth. Furthermore you shouldn’t miss the title track with its hard pushing beat and the melodic chorus. ‘Godkiller’ though reminds of the glorious Manowar heydays and it’s ‘Walking the Moon’ that’s builds on some German Metal inspiration, thinking about bands like Grave Digger and Running Wild.

‘Born of Fire’ is a great Metal record. ‘No frills’-Metal is what these songs are about, pure ammunition for intense headbanging. Heavy Metal doesn’t need to be more complex that what this album bring to the table. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Glory to The Slain
  2. Fight the Fight
  3. Denied By The Cross
  4. Maiden of Shadows
  5. I Am the Sword
  6. Shotgun Evolution
  7.  Born Of Fire
  8. Godkiller
  9. The Blackest Heart
  10. Demon Holiday
  11. Undying
  12. Waking the Moon

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 6th, 2020



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