CD review BLAZE OF PERDITION ‘The Harrowing of Hearts’

‘The Harrowing of Hearts’ is already delivery number 5 of Polish Black Metal institution Blaze Of Perdition and their first one for Metal Blade Records. The band that debut in 2010 with ‘Towards the Blaze of Perdition’ unleashes the Black Metal beast again Mid-February with the next sonic strike with potential of being a springboard towards a wider fanbase.

Blaze Of Perdition is rooted in Black Metal, but does not solely rely on genre typical elements like hoarse vocals and blazing speed guitars. Elements of Gothic and even Rock (‘Moonschild’ reminds of Moonspell) are weaved into their songs too, which allows the band to go for tunes that are all beyond a 5 minutes running time.

It’s a heartbeat, leading off Blaze Of Perdition’s new album. The beat is increasing before the actual song kicks in with a furious riff and blackened vocals by frontman Sonneillon. ‘Suffering Made Bliss’ is massive though and a good start. The contrast comes with the intro to ‘With Madman’s Faith’. It’s not that quality goes down, it’s more of a calmer sequence in the beginning that shifts towards a roaring Black Metal track after nearly 90 seconds.

‘The Great Seducer’ is the by far longest song on the album, an epos with nearly 10 minutes. Devilish storytelling more than singing is what frontman Sonneillon does in the beginning, before moving towards a known pattern of using his raspy voice to amplify a feeling of eternal doom. Even some Post Rock-like influences are part of the song and it’s these nuances acting as a differentiator to many of the other bands in the same genre.

‘The Harrowing of Hearts’ as a Black Metal album that stresses genre boundaries by adding elements to the mix that enrich music and expression. This release could be interesting for fans too, that usually don’t care much about Black Metal.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. Suffering Made Bliss
2. With Madman’s Faith
3. Transmutation of Sins
4. Królestwo Niebieskie
5. What Christ Has Kept Apart
6. The Great Seducer
7. Moonchild
(Fields Of The Nephilim cover)

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: February 14th, 2020



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