Live (Photo-) report THE HU & FIRE FROM THE GOD, Melkweg, Amsterdam – 05.02.2020

A while ago a music video went viral on YouTube, showing a band from Mongolia that merges Metal with Mongolian Folk music. Their name – The Hu, meaning ‘the people’ in their native language. The band got in the spotlight very quickly and still is talk of the town.

With having released an album recently, the band is on the road since a few months, including a stop at Melkweg in Amsterdam. A sold-out concert shows clearly the curiosity about band and their music. As on the album also the live show is different from what you’re used to as a metalhead, still it’s a great crossover experience that stretches the borders of Heavy Metal. And instead of having only a crowd dressed in black leather and denim there was a bigger Mongolian supports group watching the show too, guys that were really excited, while taking a lot of selfies and group photos.

Opening act was an American band called Fire From The Gods, playing melodic Metalcore that sounded pretty good actually. Markus’ Heavy Music Blog was at Melkweg and here are the photos from a show that will stay in people’s mind for a while.

Fire From The Gods

The Hu

Tracklist The Hu:

  1. Shoog shoog
  2. The Same
  3. The Gereg
  4. The Song of Women
  5. The Legend of Mother Swan
  6. Uchirtai gurav
  7. Shireg Shireg
  8. Bii Biyley
  9. Yuve Yuve Yu
  10. Wolf Totem
  11. The Great Chinggis Khaan
  12. Black Thunder
  13. This is the Mongol

Location: Melkweg , Asterdam, The Netherlands

Date: February 5th, 2020

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