CD review VINNIE MOORE ‘Soul Shifter’

Vinnie Moore belongs to a generation of shredding guitarist that boomed in the second half of the ’80s. Especially ‘Mind’s Eye’ and ‘Time Odyssey’ are great instrumental records to date, exciting longplayers for guitar heroes and jaw-dropping music for non-musicians. During his career, Moore contributed also to records of Alice Cooper and Vicious Rumors, next to being a fundamental part of UFO in the 2000s

These days the guitarist releases with ‘Soul Survivor’ his 9th studio album and although the shred guitar times belong to past it is the new album that showcases again the stellar talent of Vinnie Moore.

Being anchored in Rock the 10 songs on the album show all shades of very well-crafted guitar music. From the soulful ‘Mystified’ to the bluesy ‘Mirage’ and from the funky opener ‘Funk Bone Jam’ to the rocking closer ‘Across the Ages’ it’s Vinnie Moore who let his guitar gently sing for 48 minutes.

Together with great support by Rudy Sarzo, Jordan Rudess, Richie Monica. Michael Bean, Randy McStine and John Pessoni, the master of the six string guitar offers great instrumental songs that you shouldn’t miss.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. Funk Bone Jam
2. Same Sun Shines
3. Kung Fu Grip
4. Mystified
5. Brother Carlos
6. Gainesville Station
7. Soul Rider
8. Mirage
9. Heard You Were Gone
10. Across The Ages

Label: Mind’s Eye Music

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: February 21st, 2020



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