CD review BERZERKER LEGION ‘Obliterate the Weak’

If you ask Wikipedia about the term ‘berserker’ you will get the following definition: “In the Old Norse written corpus, berserkers were those who were said to have fought in a trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the modern English word berserk (meaning “furiously violent or out of control”).

And if you have an entire Berzerker Legion in front of you, then you can easily imagine something wild and furious. Berzerker Legion, that’s a Swedish/Dutch collaboration. The band is the brainchild of guitarists Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy) and Alwin Zuur (Asphyx). The guys recruited some with James Stewart (Vader) (d), Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) (v) and Fredrik Isaksson (Dark Funeral) (b) musicians with a solid metal background too and by that the line-up was completed.

This quintet is Berzeker Legion and releases with ‘Obliterate the Weak’ their new album. Not surprising and not expected differently, the album is a Death Metal attack. It feels like Elofsson and Zuur found a lot of common ground when it comes to Death Metal and how it should sound like. This leads great songs like the hellish ‘I Am the Legion’, build on a deadly riff, and firing ‘Obliterate the Weak’, the latter bringing a strong groove to the table. What’s recognizable right away is the energy and brutality that’s transferred by each of the 11 songs on the album. Inspired by pioneers like At The Gates, Obituary and Bolt Thrower the five-piece band wrote and recorded songs reflecting an uncompromising approach. The sound is massive and to adds extra dynamic to the mix while also melodies and harmonies get enough space. It’s the combination of harshness and melody that amplifies the intensity of an album that also comes with a lyrical concept.

‘Obliterate the Weak’ is based on the fact of religion still ‘seducing’ so many people. Even after decades and centuries of evolvement of mankind, the temptation of believing into religious story-telling is big, leading even to conflicts and war.

As a Death Metal fan you certainly have ‘Obliterate the Weak’ already on your list and you will not be disappointed. Berzerker Legion delivers a rock solid musical wrecking ball and I can tell you, you want to be hit by it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rise of the Berzerkers
  2. A Wold in Despair
  3. I Am the Legion
  4. Of Blood and Ash
  5. Obliterate the Weak
  6. The Falling Dawn
  7. King of All Masters
  8. Upon the Throne of Mortem
  9. A Lurking Evil
  10. In the Name of the Father
  11. Death Euphoria

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 31st, 2020


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