CD review THE SPIRIT ‘Cosmic Terror’

The Spirit, hailing from Saarbrucken, Germany is a rather new band with a foundation date back in 2015. The trio, that comprises of M.T. (vocals, guitar), M.S. (d) and A.T. (b), premiered in autumn 2017 with the self-released ‘Sounds of the Vortex’. The album brought the band on the radar of Nuclear Blast that re-issued the debut a few month later. The quality of the debut and the re-release have been the springboard for the band to reach a wider audience of Extreme Metal fans and paved the way for the new longplayer called ‘Cosmic Terror’.

The Spirit‘s sophomore album is an evil one with eternal darkness being the overarching spirit. Due to a solid portion of musical complexity each of the songs shows musical savvy during longer instrumental passages, like in the nearly 8 minutes long ‚The Path of Solitude‘. Racing guitar part interchange with atmospheric moments in the middle section. By including these contrasts the song gains a level of tension, which makes The Spirit‘s music stand out from the masses. The melodic parts are like a glimpse of light that, the moment it’s gone, intensifies darkness and doom.

Each of the songs on ‚Cosmic Terror‘ has a certain length without being lengthy, with the title track being a good example and highlight of the album. Again it‘s the blackened rage that manifests itself in uptempo passages while the epic and melodic middle section marks a well-placed break. These are the peaceful moments that are swiped away in a second by the next brutal riff that lines up and blastbeats that drive the evilness on the album.

The Spirit has with ‘Sounds of the Vortex’ a great debut out on the market and now the trio takes with ‚Cosmic Terror‘ a bold next step that certainly helps them to win over even new fans and metalheads. The Spirit, a name to keep in mind for the coming years.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Serpent as Time Reveals
  2. Strive For Salvation
  3. Repugnant Human Scum
  4. The Path of Solitude
  5. Pillars of Doom
  6. The Wide Emptiness
  7. Cosmic Terror

Label: AOP Records

Genre: Blackened Metal

Release Date EU: February 7nd, 2020



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