Honestly, what should go wrong when guys like Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Scott Soto, Derek Sherinian and Ron Thal team-up to record an album. Right, nothing can go wrong. Usually supergroups are more of a marketing thing and often you wonder what‘s ‚super‘ with such a project. In Sons Of Apollo‘s case things are entirely different. The term seems to be made for them.

What makes the quintet standing out is that no musical egos compete with each other. These five guys know their repertoire and use it as a contribution to the total. Freedom is an important factor in music and ,MMXX‘ is done with such a freedom. Music and songs are in focus and that‘s make the album to a magnificent musical journey, being told in 8 chapters.

The starting point of this musical delight is a song called ‘Goodbye Divinity’. In case you haven’t heard anything of Sons Of Apollo yet, the songs’s a perfect introduction. Lined out over a bit more than 7 minutes the tune is a perfect Sons Of Apollo song, starting with Bumblefoot’s typical guitar sound. Billy Sheehan’s bass gently blends in and so does Mike Portnoy’s drums. Sherinian’s keyboards get an equal amount of space too and last but not least there are the vocals. Jeff Scott Soto’s way of singing fits perfectly to the sound of the band. Rough, melodic, dynamic and soulful, all together is what makes the iconic singer to a master of his kind and an equal partner in this collaboration.

The fact that the spirit of Rock drives the quintet is reflected by somgs like’Wither in Black’. The soulful aspect of Sons Of Apollo got a name too – ‘Desolate July’. The emotionally loaded track isn’t a ballad, although it comes with a calmer first half. The tune slowly builds-up but never explodes. ‘King of Delusion’ is a cinematic songs and all mentioned comes together in one song at the end of the album. ‘New World Today’ is a 15 minutes masterpiece and the grand finale of the ‘MMXX’.

Thal’s magic guitar leads it off, accompanied by some soulful keyboard sounds. After nearly two minutes the tune gains intensity and turns into a massive epos with touching moments, heavy blasts and multilayered structures, all keep together by the musical experience of the five guys involved and their passion for good songwriting. ‘New World Today’ is a truly glorious ending of an album that is mind-blowing. ‘MMXX’, an album you should have listened to.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Goodbye Divinity
  2. Wither To Black
  3. Asphyxiation
  4. Desolate July
  5. King Of Delusion
  6. Fall To Ascend
  7. Resurrection Day
  8. New World Today

Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: January 17th, 2020



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