CD review MISERY LOVES CO. ‘Zero’

Influencers became a buzz word over the last year in the context of social media, but their were always influencers around. One of them, when it comes to Industrial Metal, is hailing from Sweden and is called Misery Loves Co.

The self-titled debut hit the shelves in 1995 and two more longplayers followed. The last album so far saw the light of day in 2000. After that the band split-up and it became silent. Things started to change again 16 years later when Misery Loves Co. played some festivals with the Sweden Rock Festival being one of it. It felt like the right vibe returned to the band, a good base for songwriting and recording. The result of it manifests itself on a new studio album entitled ‘Zero’ and it can be seen as a new start – a start from zero.

‘Zero’ became rather metallic although the Industrial roots are reflected in songs like the title track very well. The track with its hypnotic expression belongs to the highlights on the album, being dark and oppressive. Compared to such a trip into darkness the following ‘One of Those Days’ feels like an almost light-hearted one. Not that it really is, but the two songs reflect the poles of what musically can be expected from this new longplayer.

I mentioned the Metal aspect of this release and it’s songs like ‘Suburban Breakdown’ and ‘The Waiting Room’ being powerful Industrial Metal interpretations. What’s a bit of a downer on the album is the sound effecting the heavier songs more than the calmer ones. It’s a bit of a ‘muddy’ undertone that comes with each of the songs that reduces delight.

All in all it’s good to have Swedens Industrial Metal forerunners back in business and songs on the album show talent and savvy. If the sound will support the effort too we there’s unlimited enjoyment for genre supporters.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Suburban Breakdown
  2. A Little Something
  3. Dead Streets
  4. Only Happy When it Rains
  5. Fell in Love
  6. The Waiting Room
  7. Would You?
  8. Zero
  9. One of Those Days
  10. Way Back Home

Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: Industrial Metal

Release Date EU: November 29th 2019



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