CD review LEPROUS ‘Pitfalls’

(8/10) Pitfalls are usually nothing very positive, mostly they are even a threat. In case of Leprous ‘Pitfalls’ can lead to a positive effect. The Norwegian Prog Rock band entitled their newest album ‘Pitfalls’ and the guys work around those very well, since it’s another great addition to the creative work.

‘Pitfalls’, that’s Leprous’ sixth full-length record and it features nine new emorional anthems. The guys from Notodden are creators of big soundscapes and great melodies. With having these two elements as a base the album isn’t a happy one. Like reflected in the artwork it’s the gray shades of a human soul that led to this longplayer.

The writing process began with frontman Einar Solberg starting to talk about his battle against depression. With such a serious theme being the lyrical base, ‘Pitfalls’ became a very personal album. Although having this overarching theme the tracklist doesn’t follow a chronological order with the closer being one of the darkest songs on the album. It’s definitely not an album that shifts from darkness to light. The nine songs reflect more of the ups and owns of life, narrated by great music and lyrics.

‘The Sky is Red’ is the by far longest track on the album and it starts quite heavy. The addition of a complete classic choir gives this epos another level of density, allowing the band to play out their entire creativity and capture it in a great fashion. Sometimes you could get the idea of listening to some darker Pink Floyd songs when spinning ‘The Sky is Red’.

Going upwards in the tracklist allows me to bring songs like ‘I Lose Hope’ to your attention. Compared to the heavy loaded closer the tune has an easier approachable expression. It’s melodic and melancholic with keyboards and rhythm giving the track a calmer and hypnotic vibe. The first five songs follow all this pattern while the final four tracks reflect more layers and complexity.

‘Pitfalls’ is an album that fascinates already while spinning it for the first time. Along the way and with every time listening to it ‘Pitfalls’ unveils new details, adding to an emotionally intense voyage through difficult times of a human soul with brightness and darkness being the companions.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Below
  2. I Lose Hope
  3. Observe The Train
  4. By My Throne
  5. Alleviate
  6. At The Bottom
  7. Distant Bells
  8. Foreigner
  9. The Sky Is Red

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: October 25th, 2019



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