CD review DEEZ NUTS ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’

(8/10) Deez Nuts are back with a next longplayer. ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’ is the title of this ten songs comprising record, number six in the band’s discography. Deez Nuts’ music is rooted in Hardcore although their sound reflects a much wider approach. Rap and Rock influences are a strong element of Deez Nuts leading to songs like the thrilling title track.

Heavy riffing is a substantial element of this track as well as shouts and a melodic chorus reminding more of Modern Metal. Deez Nuts’ music is a fusion, a mix of different styles. More than once I had to think about the early Dog Eat Dog (without the horn section) and also bands like Downset came to my mind while listening to ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’. The difference to the latter is the fact that Deez Nuts new album has an aggressive but not negative vibe.

‘You Got Me Fucked Up’ is an album that grooves extremely well and has the potential to rock any party you want to start off. Songs like the cool rocking ‘DTDFL4EVA’ are great to get the party started and it’s impossible to stand still while listening to this track.

Another song you certainly shouldn’t miss in ‘Axe to Grind’. The title kind of announces a Metal track and it is an axe attack for sure. Thrash Metal and Crossover are the base for this smasher with a middle section that’s fast and furious.

‘You Got Me Fucked Up’ is a cool album that comes right in time to bring some party spirit to the plate, something heavily needed in the cold and gray European autumn season. This album makes fun and is a really entertaining way to spend 30 minutes once, and maybe a few times more.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Singalong
  2. You Got Me Fucked Up
  3. Crooked Smile
  4. You Gotta Feel Me
  5. On Some Shit
  7. Fools Gold
  8. Axe to Grind
  9. Get a Grip
  10. Bitterest End

Label: Century Media

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: October 18th, 2019



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