CD review AIRBOURNE ‘Boneshaker’

(8/10) Rock’n’ roll is a spirit, a feeling and nothing you plan for. It’s the liveliness that grows out of spontaneity, capturing and expressing a momentary vibe. A band that has the ability to utilize this approach in perfection is Australian Airbourne.

The quartet learnt it the hard way, being on tour through Australia in the early days, playing at bars and small club where the only things barkeeper and guests wanted is to have a great Saturday night. It was a tough learning process that teaches the guys to be fearless, an mindset they capture up to date.

It was in April this year, when Airborne entered the legendary RCA Studio A in Nashville, a place where legends like Elvis and Joe Cocker recorded. 

Airbourne went to the studio without ready-made songs. With just a few riffs in their ‘backpack’ and the willpower to make a great Rock’n’roll album the quartet started to work on their new longplayer ‚Boneshaker‘.

Album number four features 10 new songs, all typical Airbourne. The pure power of Rock music blossoms already with starting the opener. It’s the mighty title track that kick-starts an album that spreads an energy from beginning to end. ‚Burnout the Nitro‘ is next and it is another Rock’n’roll explosive. ‚This is Our Town‘, a tribute to Melbourne, reduces tempo and spreads pleasure by a pounding beat and an ‚ohohoh‘-chorus, all 100% in the framework of Airbourne-music.

The greatness of ‚Boneshaker‘ is the fact that it has a lively expression. Instead of tuning every tone it’s the one-take recording approach that gives the longplayer authenticity and a good dynamic. Intuition rules over a solid plan with the result of ‚Boneshaker‘ being a record that certainly does what the title promises. Standing still while listening to these ten Rock hymns is a mission impossible and some trained neck muscles aren’t a bad thing either before dropping the needle. ‚She Gives Me Hell‘ and ‚Sex to Go‘ have a clear message and it’s far too early when ‚Rock’n’roll For Life‘ marks the end of the long player. 

‚Boneshaker‘ is sharp and intense. There is no waste of time or there aren’t unnecessary frills. Airbourne recorded an album that reflects the essence of Rock – mean, dirty and authentic. There are bands that play Rock’n’roll and there is Airbourne, living Rock’n’roll. Theres nothing more to say than shake your bones while listening to ‚Boneshaker‘.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Boneshaker
  2. Burnout the Nitro
  3. This is Our City
  4. Sex to Go
  5. Backseat Boogie
  6. Blood in the Water
  7. She Gives Me Hell
  8. Switchblade Angel
  9. Weapon of War
  10. Rock’n’roll For Life

Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: October 25th, 2019



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