CD review GOODBYE JUNE ‘Community Inn’

(8/10) Retro-based Hard Rock gained momentum over the last years with bands like Rival Sons and The Answer being the spearhead of this movement. Newcomers Greta Van Fleet are another contributor since a number of years and here is a band from Nashville sharing the same musical passion.

Goodbye June, that’s a family business if you will. Three cousins, Landon Milbourn (v), Brandon Qualkenbush (g/v), and Tyler Baker (g), formed the band a few years ago. It was the death of Baker’s (g) brother that made the three guys starting to go on a mission to honor him with soul-based and positive Rock music.

Goodbye June, the band name, refers to day of death, which was a ‘goodbye in June’. The trio debuted in 2017 with ‘Liberty Mother’ and immediately got attention. Motivated by the positive resonance the guys released an EP in 2018 and started to work on the sophomore album. ‘Community In’ is the prove of work, Goodbye June’s next album.

Record number two features twelve Hard Rock hymns. ‘Community Inn’ features all you could ask for from such a release. Soulful moments like ‘Live in the Now’ are touching and with ‘Lonely Beautiful People’ the album comprises of another romantic half-ballad. The opener ‘Rolling Off My Tongue’ combines Blues and Rock in an excellent fashion and sometimes it’s Whitesnake that shimmers through a bit (‘Universal Mega Love’). A tune you shouldn’t miss either is the light-hearted and swinging ‘Switchblade Heart’ and I could go on.

‘Community Inn’ is a next step for Goodbye June and certainly has the potential to please fans of the band including the potential of enlarging the fan base.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rolling Off My Tongue
  2. Universal Mega Love
  3. Sectrets in the Sunset
  4. Be Yourself
  5. Lonely Beautiful People
  6. Natural
  7. Joan & Dylan
  8. Anywhere the Wind Blows
  9. Switchblade Heart
  10. Live in the Now
  11. I Don’t Mind
  12. Free Child

Label: Earache

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: October 25h, 2019



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