CD review ALGEBRA ‘Pulse?’

(9/10) Today I want to bring a band to your attention that crossed my way a couple of days ago – Algebra from Switzerland. The guys aren’t rookies but they never got a wider level of attention and this should be changed.

Things started back in 2008 in Lausanne, Switzerland, when Mat, Tony, Ed and Phil initiated a band that reflects their passion for Metal, esp. Thrash Metal. A first EP saw the light of day the same year and two years later Algebra premiered with a full-length album entitled ‘Proceation’.

‘Pulse?‘ is the newest strike from the Swiss Thrasher and it’s an album I can for sure recommend. Algebra’s 3rd longplayer features 12 blistering songs, incl. a cover version of Sepultura’s ‘Dead Embryonic Cells’.

Algebra plays Thrash Metal that’s influenced by the Bay Area sound. Bands like Slayer, Testament and Forbidden are genre pioneers that delivered a blueprint for Algebra. This only one side, while the quartet also adds a technical aspect to their music, which reminds of bands like Hades and Swiss Thrash Metal companions Coroner. Such an explosive mix leads to cool songs like ‘Hateful Source’ and ‘Digital Master’. It’s this oldschool vibe that swings with each of the songs, shifting the early days of Thrash Metal into the here and now.

Algebra is definitely a band you should listen to if calling one of the mentioned bands to your faves. The precision of a Swiss clockwork meets the blazing power of Bay Area Thrash Metal. Good stuff.



  1. Ego Destroyed
  2. Inner Constraints
  3. Addicted to Authority
  4. Digital Master
  5. Quantum God
  6. Simulated Mind
  7. Manipulated Soul
  8. Prelude to Hate
  9. Hateful Source
  10. Concrete Jungel
  11. Pulse
  12. Dead Embryonic Cells (Sepultura cover)

Label: Unspeakable Axe Records

Genre: Tech Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 30th, 2019


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