CD review DRAGONFORCE ‘Extreme Power Metal’

(8/10) The title of Dragonforce’s new album says it all = ‘Extreme Power Metal’. Now, it’s not a new fact that Herman Li and bandmates push the pedal the metal. With their eighth album Dragonforce takes a next step into the extreme since the band bridge to the gaming community. Not only that some of Herman Li’s guitar parts were recorded via his Twitch channel, it is also the rhythm shooter Audica that includes music of the British metal band. After having been part of Guitar Hero III a next step for the band in merging music and the digital world.

The band is a bit less innovative when it comes to the ten new songs on ‘Extreme Power Metal’ , which doesn’t mean that the guys made use of a cookie-cutter approach. The newest addition to the books is a firing release that combines speed and melody in perfection. Although being highly melodic in some parts, the guys never drift away into cheesy areas. It is catchiness instead that breaks though in every song on ‘Extreme Power Metal’ inviting for headbanging as well as for chanting well-crafted chorus lines.

The start into the album is a great one. ‘Highway to Oblivion’ finds the right balance of tempo, metal and melody right away. ‘Cosmic Power’ doesn’t change the approach before ‘The Last Dragonborn’ is a more cinematic track, kept on a moderate pace.

The majority of songs though is fast and furious with ‘Troopers of the Stars’ being a racing metal song and also ‘Razorblade Meltdown’ doesn’t consider a foot on the brake. ‘Stranger’ with its cool chorus could become a constant part of future setlists, a song also reflecting the variety of Dragonforce’s music.

What makes ‘Extreme Power Metal’ to a special album also is the fact that it’s the last one with bass player Frédéric Leclercq. It’s his powerful basslines that provides a rock solid foundation for each of the ten songs and it was the show at Elbriot 2019 in Hamburg that ended an area.

To sum up: ‘Extreme Power Metal’ is a great longplayer that will be loved by fans and more.



  1. Highway to Oblivion
  2. Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine
  3. The Last Dragonborn
  4. Heart Demolition
  5. Troopers of the Stars
  6. Razorblade Meltdown
  7. Strangers
  8. In a Skyforged Dream
  9. Remembrance Day
  10. My Heart Will Go On

Label: earMusic

Genre: Extreme Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2019



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