CD review MONOLORD ‘No Comfort’

(8/10) Hurry and haste are words that don’t exist in Monolord’s word pool. The trio, hailing from Swedens Westcoast are celebrating Doom Metal with an essence of Stoner Rock.

Monolord, that’s three guys from Gothenburg with a common dedication for slo-mo Metal with an enormous riff power. Three albums have been released already before ‘No Comfort’ openes the fourth chapter, an exciting one.

Although being named ‘No Comfort’ the album’s actually spreading a comfortable vibe for fans of slow paced riff grinding. Six songs are build on this main feature of the band, music that’s roll out over mainly five minutes and more. A downtuned guitar and a roaring bassline are fascinating and perfectly staged on ‘No Comfort’.

Monolord stick to a similar approach for each of the songs with the closer being a bit of a distraction. Not that the trio changes their music dramatically, but ten minutes demand some variation. Monolord delivers and start the title track with an acoustic intro before a melancholic riff takes over. The interaction between monstrous riffs and soulful parts is a key-feature of this song, all kept in snailpace.

‘No Comfort’ is a dark album. Melancholia and gloom is the emotional base for these six songs, hymns of darkness being the perfect soundtrack for the darker season.



  1. The Bastard Son
  2. The Last Leaf
  3. Larvae
  4. Skywards
  5. Alone Together
  6. No Comfort

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: September 20th, 2019



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