CD review ENDSEEKER ‘The Harvest’

(9/10) Extreme Metal from the Northern parts of Germany undergoes a next peak and bands like Endseeker is a substantial part of it. The quintet, haling from the beautiful city of Hamburg, channeled their passion for Death Metal into a band setupback in 2014 and Endseeker was born.

The five guys debuted with ‘Flesh Hammer Prophecy’, an album that was acclaimed by fans and media. The debut acted as a springboard for the five-piece band to ink a deal with Metal Blade Records and it’s the legendary label that releases Endseeker’s sophomore longplayer.

‘The Harvest’ is the well-chosen title of an album that prepares for the darker season. Harvesting happens in autumn and with everybody preparing for days and weeks and months, covered in darkness. What’s better than unleashing a records that delivers the perfect soundtracks for these months.

Endseeker managed to pick things up where they left off with the debut. Hamburgs riff grinders put together ten songs, nine own ones and a cover version. Megadeth’s ‘Symphony of Destruction’ is the cover that was Endseeker-ized for the new longplayer. Still close to the original it’s mainly Lenny’s deadly vocals that make a change. Endseeker’s version of the Thrash Metal classic is a good one, although an tenth own song would have been an even better choice.

Talking about Endseeker’s songs, they are all terrific Death Metal monsters, built on Scandinavian Death Metal a la Dismember and Co.. Having said this means also that the guys from Hamburg don’t copy. It’s inspiration that’s transferred into their own interpretation of Death Metal.

The opener ‘Parasite’ pulls the trigger and it’s a furious blast beat that doesn’t give you any chance to slowly get into things. This raging start pulls you into ‘The Harvest’ and spits you out with the last tone fading away after 42 minutes.

The greatness of this release is the variation added to the rogue Death Metal foundation. Endseeker varies when it comes to tempo, with songs like ‘Whores of War’ being a mid-paced punch and a solid grooving highlight on ‘The Harvest’. Breaks are another tool that helps to create an effective tension and its little twist and turns, creating some deadly entertainment.

Within four years Endseeker became one of the most impactful German Death Metal bands. The new album and the deal with Metal Blade Records is the solid foundation for more great Death Metal hailing from Hamburg in the coming months and years. Great album and horns up.



1. Parasite
2. Pulse
3. Cure
4. Spiritual Euphoria
5. Whores Of War
6. The Harvest
7. Epitome Of Decadence
8. Immortalized
9. Vicious Devourer
10. Symphony Of Destruction (Bonus Track)

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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