CD review LAST TEMPTATION ‘Last Temptation’

(8/10) Last Temptation is a new powerhouse and the brainchild of guitarist Peter Scheithauer who teamed-up with singer Butcho Vukovic. The duo worked on songs for Last Tempation’s debut, an album for which they could gain prominent contributors. Bob Daisley, Vinny Appice and Don Airey were part of the recording session of Last Temptation’s debut, an album that will see the light of day mid September.

The self-titled record features eleven well-crafted songs, providing 53 minutes of oldschool Rock and Metal. Last Temptation catches the spirit of the ‘80s and transfer it into the ‘2010s. What makes the album standout is next to the songs the vibe that it carries. It’s a sound that reflects a live feeling, which makes this debut to a lively and authentic album. with positive vibe.

Another factor that differentiates Last Temptation from other outfits is frontman Butcho Vucovic who has a lot of Dio and Ozzy Osbourne in his voice. Songs like ‘Fast and Fast’, as one example, reminds of Ozzy’s ‘Shot in the Dark’, not only but also due to the vocals, and the same goes even more for ‘Lock Into Myself’.

Fans of ’80s Metal and passionists of the early Ozzy years should definitely check-out this longplayer. It’s a time capsule into the first heydays of Metal, an album that blossoms already while spinning it for the first time.



  1. I Win I Lose
  2. Bring Your Light Out
  3. Blow a Fuse
  4. Never Say Goodbye
  5. How I Am
  6. Fast and Fat
  7. Lock Into Myself
  8. Nobody is Free
  9. Coming From You
  10. Hell is Walking in My Shoes
  11. The Exit

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 27th, 2019



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