CD review THE HU ‘The Gereg’

(9/10) There are few bands that really deliver new sounds when it comes to Rock and Metal. Heilung is one of these bands and another one hails from far East. The Hu, many of you heard of them earlier, are a Mongolian band. The guys are literally ambassadors of their country and they do a great job bringing their homeland on everybody’s radar. A sold-out tour through Europe, plus shows at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, helped the band to promote them, their music and Mongolia.

Gala, Enkush, Jaya and Temka, these guys are the driving force behind The Hu and what they do is great. It was in 2016 when the quartet started their journey, all four band members being students at the conservatory in Ulaanbaatar. The guys developed their own vision when it comes to music and this is what the debut offers. A fascinating musical journey that stretches the frames of Rock music.

The Hu is about Crossover in a special way. Their music has nothing to do with traditional Metal in any shape or form. The Hu’s music is heavily built on their cultural influences, which they merge with some Rock elements. However, it’s the sound of their home country that dominates and makes ‘The Gerek’ to such an exciting and compelling listening experience.

Jaw Harp, Morin Khuur, Tsuur and Tovshuur are certainly no words you usually connect to Metal music. In The Hu’s case though it’s the base for their sound and songs. Cultural influences, special instruments and having a soft spot for Rock music creates something totally new. It’s fascinating to listen to songs like ‘The Great Chinggis Khaan, a song that reflects the fusion of influences best. Enriched by throat vocals each of the songs is unique, spreading a vibe that’s dark, humble, proud and strong – all in one.

‘The Gereg’ is first of all a longplayer that features great music. Every minute of this release is worth to be discovered, again and again. The Hu brings a world close to us that’s usually not know that very well. In this sense it’s also a uniting element that comes with ‘The Gereg’, a record that shows again how music can bring together people, regardless of their origin, religion,… ‘The Gereg’, an album that wows from start to end.



  1. The Gereg
  2. Wolf Totem
  3. The Great Chinggis Khaan
  4. The Legend of Mother Swan
  5. Shoog Shoog
  6. The Same
  7. Yuve Yuve Yu
  8. Shireg Shireg
  9. The Song of Women

Label: Seven Eleven Music

Genre: Mongolian Folk Rock

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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