CD review ROCKETT LOVE ‘Greetings From Rocketland’

(7/10) Some send postcards from vacation, or actually Insta-photos these days, while Danish rockers Rockett Love sends ‘Greetings From Rocketland’. The band, being the brainchild of Daniel Samuelsson and Stefan Westerlund, was founded in 2015 and unveiled a debut entitled ‘Grab the Rocket’ in 2017.

The band returns in 2019 with a next album, featuring eleven new Rock songs. Rockett Love’s music is covering the intersection of Melodic Rock and Hard Rock. Blistering guitars, like on ‘Bite the Bullet’ are part of Rockett Love’s sound, being a contrast to the the very mainstream oriented ‘Get Ready, Go!’. The latter represents the commercial aspect of the band’s sound and while the harder moment like ‘Reaching Out’ are the highlights. The pumping ‘Like an Endless Distant Sky’ is another furious songs on this longplayer before ‘Wait’ brings back an AOR vibe and stand for a wider range of songs.

‘Greetings From Rocketland’ is a rock solid Melodic Rock album. Rockett Love’s sophomore record is equipped with well-crafted melodies that leave an impression with Rock songs that provide a good time.



  1. Back On My Feet
  2. Bite The Bullet
  3. I Want Out
  4. Get Ready, Go!
  5. Take Me Home
  6. King For One Day
  7. Writing On The Wall
  8. Reaching Out
  9. Like An Endless Distant Sky
  10. Wait
  11. A Heart Without A Soul

Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: August 30th, 2019


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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