CD review SLIPKNOT ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

(9/10) When Iowa-based Metal icons Slipknot unveiled with ‚Unsainted‘ their first new song, taken from the new album ‚We are Not  Your Kind‘, curiosity was rising even more. The song, being the perfect opener of the band’s sixth record units the unleashed energy of the eight-piece band as well as it comprises of melodic moments being a well-integrated counterpart to the outbursts.

In the meantime we’re a few months further and the wait is over. ‚We are Not Your Kind‘ arrived at the record stores. Five years after ‚5: The Gray Chapter‘ it’s the newest release being a ‚rubber hits the road‘ moment. Will Slipknot deliver to expectation after all these years? The simple answer is: Yes, the do by exceeding them. The band continues their journey through innovative, aggressive and distracting Metal. The guys stick to their roots and the heritage while still being open enough to vary their sound.

‚We are Not Your Kind‘ is certainly Slipknot’s most varied longplayer. The Iowa-icons have the ability to write music that’s emotionally touching. None of the songs on this longplayer is just a trivial sequence of notes. These tracks, including the interludes ‚Death Because of Death‘ and ‚What’s Next‘, generate a menacing and sinister atmosphere that acts as the glue keeping each of these 14 songs together. Regardless if it’s the aggressive wreckballs like ‘SolwayFirth‘, the hard-hitting ‘Nero Forte or the Pink Floyd-is ‚My Pain‘, none of these tunes give a feeling of comfort and rest. Slipknot draw with their new songs a sinister, almost apocalyptic picture, that brings up the dark sites of humans. They turn the unbound wildness of the earlier days into unease and appreciated discomfort.

‘We are Not Your Kind’ is the most mature Slipknot album to date, resonating back in width of range, featuring merciless Metal blasts, reminding of the early days that blend in with nuanced sounds of which ‚My Pain‘ is prototype a for. This album is intense. If you want it or not, ‘We are Not Your Kind’ causes an emotional reaction with listeners and that’s what counts. Slipknot’s album number six – for sure a highlight in 2019.



1. Insert Coin 
2. Unsainted 
3. Birth Of The Cruel 
4. Death Because Of Death 
5. Nero Forte 
6. Critical Darling 
7. Liar’s Funeral 
8. Red Flag 
9. What’s Next 
10. Spiders  
11. Orphan 
12. My Pain 
13. Not Long For This World 
14. Solway Firth 

Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: August 9th, 2019



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