CD review WORMWOOD ‘Nattarvet’

(9/10) Wormwood is an outfit that started in 2014 as a Black’n’Roll band. The guys premiered in 2015 and became a big thing in the Sweidsh underground scene.

‘Ghostlands: Wounds From a Bleeding Earth’ was album number two and it’s 24 months later that ‘Nattarvet’ starts to unveil its dark beauty.

What differentiates Wormwood from other Black Metal bands is the variety of styes and sounds, finding their way into the seven songs on ‘Nattervet’. Deeply rooted in Swedish Black Metal Wormwood also openes their music to more traditional Heavy Metal influences and a solid portion of Swedish Folk.

Therefor it’s not a surprise that singing birds are the starting point of blackened anthems like ‘I Bottenlös Ävja’, an epic song that has some harsh outbreaks, but also calmer folk-like sections. What sounds on first sight as contradiction goes together very well, leading to a sort of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’.

Also the following ‘Artic Light’, a song inspired by ‘In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette’, follows a similar approach and it’s the racing fast parts that spreads their dark beauty.

The real epic songs is kept until the end. ‘The Isolationist’ is about a man who’s wife died and he refuses to leave the forest. Instead he start to dive into his own obscure world and it’s the music that captures this individual withering very well. And as with most of the other songs it’s the hellish musical outbreaks, partly reminding of Darkthrone, competing with silent and soulful guitar parts. This song is musical story telling in a really good way.

‘Nattarvet’ is an ice cold musical export from Scandinavia. It’s more than a chilly breeze. It’s a remarkable album that makes the sun disappear with soundscapes that are touching, intense and full of melancholy and grief.



01. Av Lie och Börda
02. I Bottenlös Ävja
03. Arctic Light
04. The Achromatic Road
05. Sunnas Hädanfärd
06. Tvehunger
07. The Isolationist

Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: July 26th, 2019



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