CD review SAXON ‘The Eagle has Landed 40 (live)’

(*/10) British Heavy Metal icons Saxon celebrate their 40th anniversary with a tour entitled ‚Castles & Eagles‘ plus the release of a live collection featuring four decades in Metal.

‚The Eagles Has Landed 40 (Live)‘ is a comprehensive album with 40 songs representing all eras of a Heavy Metal legend. From the debut to the latest hits this longplayer is the summary of an almost unique story Heavy Metal wrote.

Each of the songs is a live performance, recorded between 2007 and 2018. Since it’s newer recordings the album comes with a good sound and also some extra treats. One of Saxon’s longtime companions were Motörhead and therefor it’s ‚Ace of Spades‘ that is a tribute to this great trio with no less than Fast Eddie Clarke joining the mighty Saxon on stage.

Talking about guests, it’s guitarist and Saxon producer Andy Sneap who adds extra riff power to ‚20,000ft‘, performed live in San Antonio in 2018. 

Next to these highlights it’s the Saxon hits that are covered on ‚The Eagle has Landed 40 (live) too. ‚Crusader‘, 747 (Strangers in the Night‘) and ‚Power and Glory‘ can’t be missed on such a compilation, an album that also shows how seamless Saxon songs are. There isn’t any big difference between old and new. There is evolvement, for sure, but it’s always 100% Saxon what fans got over all the years.

Last but not least there is with ‚Eye of the Storm‘ a songs on the album, that’s special to me. It was recorded at Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland in 2015 and what made this show so special was not only that I could witness it. It was a concert that took place three days after the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris and the Saxon show was one of the many statements at the time that the free world never gets down. I guess everybody felt a bit strange that night, but Saxon’s riff power just blew all the fear away.

„The Eagles has Landed 40 (live)’ is a great retrospective on the creative offer of a band that supplied and still delivers quality. Saxon is a legend, they are stars while being authentic and down-to-earth. These guys are a role model and true metalheads.



  1. State of Grace (Berlin 2007)
  2. Red Star Falling (Berlin 2007)
  3. Attila the Hun (Berlin 2007)
  4. If I was You (Sheffield 2007)
  5. Valley of the Kings (London 2009)
  6. Machine Gun (London 2009)
  7. Witchfinder General (Berlin 2009)
  8. Demon Sweeney Todd (Berlin 2009)
  9. Live to Rock (Berlin 2009)
  10. Hammer of the Gods (Berlin 2011)
  11. Back in ’79 (Berlin 2011)
  12. I’ve Got to Rock (To Stay Alive) (Berlin 2011)
  13. Call to Arms (Berlin 2011)
  14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsy (Berlin 2011)
  15. Chasing the Bullet (Berlin 2011)
  16. Play It Loud (Berlin 2011)
  17. Sacrifice (BYH Balingen 2013)
  18. Night of the Wolf (BYH Balingen 2013)
  19. Conquistador + Drumsolo (BYH Balingen 2013)
  20. Stand Up and Fight (BYH Balingen 2013)
  21. Crusader (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  22. Battalions of Steel (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  23. The Eagle Has Landed (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  24. Power and the Glory (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  25. Dallas 1PM (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  26. Princess of the Night (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  27. Denim and Leather (Wacken Open Air 2014)
  28. Eye of the Storm (Zoetemeer 2015)
  29. 747 (Strangers in the Night) w. Phil Cambell (Helsinki 2015)
  30. Killing Ground (London 2016)
  31. Ace of Spades w. Fast Eddy Clark (London 2016)
  32. Thunderbolt (San Antonio 2018)
  33. 20,000 Ft. w. Andy Sneap (San Antonio 2018)
  34. Sons of Odin (Los Angeles 2018)
  35. This Town Rocks ((Los Angeles 2018)
  36. Secret of Flight (London 2018)
  37. Battering Ram (London 2018)
  38. Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz) (Manchester 2018)
  39. Predator (Manchester 2018)
  40. They Played Rock and Roll (Manchester 2018)

Label: Silver Lining Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 2nd, 2019



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