CD review JESS BY THE LAKE ‘Under the Red Light Shine’

(9/10) Jess By The Lake is the moniker of Jasmin Saarela, known from Jess And The Ancient Ones. ‘Under the Red Light Shine’ is the first album by Jess By The Lake and is the expected real big-time. Eight songs provide exquisite and atmospheric Rock music, all done with a down-to-earth approach.

This debut triggers emotions at the listener and that’s what music and art should do. It’s the organic and warm sound that supports an emotional journey throughout, from lighter moments to melancholic sections. Although the album captures some darker moments and a psychedelic expression things never get depressive. It’s the music that generates an ease, something that balances and it’s the smoothly grooving opener ‘Under the Read Light Shine’ that confirms the statement.

‘Freezing Burn’ is a soulful next track with a great chorus, before ‘The Wait’ brings you back into shallow waters. Time runs if you have fun and this album is pure fun. Far too early the calmer tones of ‘Interstellar’ introduces the last track of this great album. The closer is more than just a song, it’s an emotional ending of an album that lives by Saarela’s excellent vocals and a sense for emotions, expressed by great melodies. ‘Under the Red Light Shine’, an album I can strongly recommend.



  1. Under the Red Light Shine
  2. Freezing Burn
  3. The Wait
  4. Halo (Ghosts in the Flames)
  5. Nightmare
  6. Legacy Crown
  7. My Hands
  8. Interstellar

Label: Svart Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: June 7th, 2019


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