CD review MEMORIAM ‘Requiem for Mankind’

(9/10) It was three years ago when UK-based Death Metal outfit Memoriam started, initially meant as a tribute to Bolt Thrower drummer Martin Kearns, who passed away a few a months earlier. Metal pioneers Karl Willets and Frank Healy are the founders of the quartet that also includes Scott Fairfax and Andrew Whale.

The ‘all-star’-quartet premiered in 2017 with the acclaimed ‘For the Fallen’ release. The debut found many friends and was a motivation for the quartet to continue.

‘The Silent Virgil’ was release 12 months later and it’s ‘Requiem for Mankind’ being the third strike of this powerhouse. The album comprises of ten new songs, all equipped with a merciless energy level and a massive punch. The quartet does another step into the right direction. Memoriam, that’s again brutal Death Metal that takes its fascination out of an immense groove, intense vocals and murderous riffs more than unlimited speed.

Following the tradition of Bolt Thrower and Benediction, also Memoriam is like a sonic wrecking ball, music that’s right into the face. There are no frills or gimmicks. These songs are a relentless musical war machine, an assault on ears and eardrum. With the intensity of a steamroller it’s songs like ‘Shell Shock’ and ‘Refuse to be Led’ that aren’t written to take prisoners. ‘In the Midst of Desolation’ has a lot of firepower too, while ‘The Veteran’ unveils with its Black Sabbathian vibe a passion for Doom Metal

‘Requiem for Mankind’, that’s the third album of a band that belongs to the most relevant Death Metal band these days. Willets, Healy and Co. add with this deadly strike another masterpiece to their musical offer, an album that underlines why the band and its members belong to the pioneers of Death Metal.



  1. Shell Shock
  2. Undefeated
  3. Never the Victim
  4. Austerity Kills
  5. In the Midst of Desolation
  6. Refuse to be Led
  7. The Veteran
  8. Requiem for Mankind
  9. Fixed Bayonets
  10. Interment


Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: June 21st, 2019



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