CD review DEWOLFF ‘Live & Outta Sight II’

(9/10) ‘Thrust’ was the critically and fan acclaimed album that marked the starting point of a collaboration between the band and the Mascot Label Group. A start couldn’t be much better and to keep the fire burning a live album of DeWolff is what fans get offered mid June this year.

DeWolff released with ‘Live & Outta Sight’ a first live album back in 2015 and the new release picks it up where the guys ended with part one. ‘Live & Outta Sight II’ comprises of eleven songs, all recorded at shows the band played in The Netherlands during a more than 100 shows comprising tour through 13 European countries.

DeWolff created a setlist that lasered in on the their latest longplayer ‘Thrust’, a fact that limits the risk of mirroring the tracklist of ‘Live & Outta Sight’. ‘Medicine’ comes back on both release while this live album contains mainly songs that haven’t been available earlier in a live version.

DeWolff celebrated Rock and Blues during their concerts with songs like the outstanding ‘Tired of Loving You’. The greatness of this trio is that their songs transport a lot of feel and it’s the given space for improvisation that extends the mentioned “Tired of Loving You’ and also gentle swinging ‘Deceit & Woo’ to 10+ minutes masterpieces.

In case you missed the Dutch trio so far it’s this live release that helps you to close the gap. Blues Rock with a stronger psychedelic touch can’t sound much better than what you get offered by DeWolff. These guys have punch, for sure.



  1. Big Talk
  2. Sugar Moon
  3. Medicine
  4. Tombstone Child
  5. California Burning
  6. Deceit & Woo
  7. Share the Ride
  8. Tired of Loving You
  9. Outta Step & Ill at ease
  10. Double Crossing Man
  11. Love Dimension

Label: Mascot Label Group

Genre: Psychedelic Blues Rock

Release Date EU: June 14th, 2019



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