CD review CRIMSON RIVER ‘Crimson River’ – EP

(6/10) Eindhoven – Rock City … and here is another prove for the statement. Crimson River is hailing from the South-East of The Netherlands and it’s another young band that wants to present to the world what their musical passion sounds like.

The quartet started in 2011, driven by a dedication for music. No release resulted out of their work and it was solely some live shows the quartet played over the period of eight years.

Things change in 2019 with a three-track EP that reaches us from Eindhoven. The guys describe their music as being influenced by bands like Metallica and Megadeth, which means that we’re talking about a Thrash Metal-based EP. ‘The Great War’ gets out of the boxes in a good fashion and also the following ‘The Rapture’ reaches listeners well.

‘Saturn V’ ends this debut release and is a bit more of a complex beast with undeniable Megadeth influences. Although Crimson River shows with their first release some potential it’s the songs that sound partly fragmented which is a hinder for a good flow. This EP is solid beginning and let’s see what the future will bring.



  1. The Great War
  2. The Rapture
  3. Saturn V

Label: Self-released

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released Date: May 2019



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