CD review FIRESPAWN ‘Abominate’

(9/10) Swedish Death Metal powerhouse Firespawn premiered in 2015 with ‘Lucifer Has Spoken’. You can speak of an all-star band looking on the rich musical background of the five involved musicians. Although I don’t like the term a lot it fits in this context and there’s no doubt that LG Petrov, A. Impaler, Victor Brandt, Fredrik Folkare and Matte Modin are pioneers in the fields of Death Metal. It’s this experience the guys bring to the table that differentiates Firespawn from many other bands.

‘Abominate’ is Firespawn’s fourth album and it lifts the bar. The quintet clearly shows how much variation one can add to Death Metal. This album goes far beyond the usual anarchic rumbling. It adds various layers and twists to the mix while still keeping an infernal atmosphere alive throughout. One of the reasons for all this is the fact that the entire band was involved in the songwriting. Victor Brandt is still a driving force when it comes to the creation of new songs but this time Fredrik Folkare was involved more and became a creative counterpart. Also drumming improved and became more complex with Matte Modin bringing more to the table.

‘Abominate’ is raw and comes with a lot of rough edges but the album carries a solid portion of Heavy Metal too, mainly coming back in Folkare’s solo parts that are jaw-dropping good, a pay-back of the new songwriting approach.

Another aspect that makes Firespawn stick out from the huge amount of bands is the lyrical approach. The album doesn’t build lyrics on Lucifer in an old-fashioned way where the army of darkness fights against the legions of light. For Impaler Lucifer is more of a symbol of freedom and justice, which makes it interesting to dive into the lyrics with their more philosophical background.

It’s tough to pick and choose some song since there are all good. The once that I like the most though include ‘Death and Damnation’. A raging beat, furious leads, well placed breaks and a merciless growling LG Petrov, all of this come together with this number, being a representative for the album.

The title track is another deadly treat. This time it’s the slowly creeping rhtyhm of the song that spreads a vicious vibe while ‘The Great One’ is another fierce Death Metal track.

‘Cold Void’ is a well-placed interlude half-way and a moment to recover before Firespawn unleashes the next roaring Death Metal thunder with ‘The Hunter’.

Firespawn’s new longplayer showcases a band with a mindset of going forward. The quintet, although highly experienced, evolved and evolves which makes ‘Abominate’ to a Death Metal highlight in 2019 and a gauge for every further Death Metal album this year.



  1. The Gallows End
  2. Death And Damnation
  3. Abominate
  4. Heathen Blood
  5. The Great One
  6. Cold Void
  7. The Hunter
  8. Godlessness
  9. Blind Kingdom
  10. The Undertaker
  11. Black Wings Of The Apokalypse

Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: June 7th, 2019



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