Review PLAINRIDE ‘Plainride’

What German rock and metal powerhouse Plainride offer on their new album is a musical curveball. The trio delivers versatile music that has many shades and twists. But who are Plainride? The band consists of Florian Schlenker, Max Rebel and Bob Vogston. The guys are based in Cologne and what they deliver with their third longplayer is an impressive ride.

Stoner rock is what the fellas had on their banner for the first two records but already album number two, ‘Return of the Jackalope’ showed a wider musical approach. ‘Plainride’ is a continuation of the chosen direction and entails even more influences.

Funk, rock, ska, blues, metal and even some rap elements, these are the ingredients for an impressive blend that provides 40 minutes of joy. The guys kick it off with the funky ‘Fire in the Sky’ and the song is a blast. The embedded horn section, the strong groove and great hooks, that is what welcomes you after having dropped the needle. The heavy pounding ‘Hello, Operator’ is next and it is impossible to stand still. Each muscle in your body just wants to get in action.

With ‘You Wanna?’ the band has placed a short interlude on the album too before the thundering ‘S.O.T.U.’ kicks in. The song is a real energizer and the right thing to listen to after a long and tough working day. At the same time the tune entails many twists and turns, including a rap part, which shows how much inspiration can be combined in one track.

After these musical outbursts some calmer notes are needed too, and you get them through ‘Wanderer’. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar the song gives space for singer Max Rebel to show his talent. The second half of ‘Wanderer’ though leaves the calmer space once in a while and the band unleashes the rock beast again. I had to think of Soundgarden while listening to this rather melancholic track, especially during the louder moments.

More of an acoustic sanctuary is ‘Siebengebirge’. With three minutes running time the song is more than just an interlude. It is a soulful moment with chirping birds in the back. ‘Ritual’ brings back the groove while ‘Shepherd’ is a dark and cinematic song. On the one hand a bit weird and also referring partly to the stoner roots the song is a massive riff assault that creates excitement. This musical Fata Morgana is a highlight on the album and covers your room into a heat haze.

‘The Lilies’ takes a totally different road. Suddenly blues is the driving force and what might sound like a wild cocktail of genres fits together surprisingly well. Plainride mange to create a guiding thread throughout their album which is the intensity of their sound, the musical talent and the passion for a good song.

‘Plainride’ is an album you should have listened to. There is so much to explore and at the same time each of the 10 songs is a treat for your ears. These electrifying tunes are pure adrenaline and hopefully many of you give this musical kaleidoscope a chance. It is worth it.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Fire In The Sky
  2. Hello, Operator
  3. You Wanna?
  4. S.O.T.U.
  5. Wanderer
  6. Siebengebirge
  7. Ritual
  8. Shepherd
  9. Hour Of The Mûmakil
  10. The Lilies

Label: Ripple Music

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: April 28th, 2023



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