Review REVOLUTION SAINTS ‘Eagle Flight’

Revolution Saints is a typical product of Frontiers Music. The simple formular is to bring together well-known musicians, form a project and let them release an album. In this specific case Jack Blades, Deen Castronovo and Doug Aldrich started a collaboration with support from the omnipresent Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The self-titled debut was released in 2015 and Revolution Saints achieved respectable success with entering the album charts in countries like Germany, Sweden and the US. Motivated by the achievement, the trio started work on a second album and with ‘Rise’ even a third longplayer followed.

A break in this winning streak happened in 2022 when Aldrich and Blades decided to leave Revolution Saints. Fortunately, adequate succession could be guaranteed with Joel Hoekstra and Jeff Pilson joining the remaining Deen Castronovo. With this renewed line-up Revolution Saints started the work process on the new album ‘Eagle Flight’ which sees the day of light in April.

The fourth record by Revolution Saints shows the band revitalized and full of energy. The band picks it up where they left off with the previous album. Melodic rock with well-crafted melodies is what gets out of the speakers and act as ear-candy. The trio knows how to create excellent hooks that listeners can’t get out of their minds anymore.

At the same time, Hoekstra adds stellar solos to each of the songs, real fretboard acrobatic in the context of a rocking tune with earworm character. And as known since the release of the debut, Castronovo is not only a well-respected drummer. He has also a rock’n’roll voice and is a great singer. Songs like ‘Kids Will Be Kids’ reflects this in great fashion. Also, during the soulful moments, like in ‘Once More’, Castronovo let his singing skills shine.

A song one shouldn’t miss is ‘Sacred’. Equipped with a great melody line, it is the bridge and the chorus that is a treat for the ears.

‘Eagle Flight’ features ten songs and each of them is a captivating ode to melodic rock. Starting with the title track and finishing snappy ‘Save It All’, the record includes all components for a delightful 43 minutes of rock music. Melodies and hardness are in great balance and although Revolution Saints isn’t a naturally grown band, it is the experience and passion of the involved musicians that shine, making this album to a much above average experience.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Eagle Flight
  2. Talking Like Strangers
  3. Need Each Other
  4. Kids Will Be Kids
  5. I’ll Cry for You Tonight
  6. Crime Of the Century
  7. Set Yourself Free
  8. Sacred
  9. Once More
  10. Save It All

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2023




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