Review BLOOD STAR ‘First Sighting’

Shadow Kingdom Records is known for their exquisite sense for great upcoming metal bands. Just think about Night Demon, the rising star in traditional metal. These days the label will release the debut album of a band called Blood Star.

The band consist of Noah Henley, Jamison Palmer, Madeline Smith and Al Lester. The guys started back in 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah and have so far three singles under their belt and now the debut rolls towards the record stores.

‘First Sighting’, that’s the title of their first longplayer and what the four-piece band has to offer sounds pretty tempting. Rooted in traditional mat, Blood Star recorded eight songs and with a playing time of 32 minutes fans of heavy metal will not drown in excessive quantity. It’s a bit of a less is more approach the band follows. However, what ended up on the album is worth to listen to.

Right from the beginning the direction of this musical journey is apparent. Ewell crafted metal is what gets out of the speakers and the vocals by Madeline Smith fit perfectly into the context of this album. ‘All or Nothing’ is a well-done start into the album and finds the right mix of heaviness and melody.

Smith is the singer of Blood Star, with one exception. ‘The Observers’ shows guitarist Jamison Palmer behind the mic with Smith adding some backing vocals in the chorus. Although the tune isn’t a bad one, the ones with Smith doing the lead vocals shine brighter. Just listen the thundering ‘Cold Moon’ with its galloping beat. Smith has more versatility in her range and adds life to the tunes. She seems to feel the songs instead of solely singing them, also reflected by the more epic ‘Going Home’.

Blood Star deliver with ‘First Sighting’ a very well-crafted debut. These guys are at the beginning of their career and some parts might be a bit rough. Still, Blood Star shows the potential that comes with the band and if they have the same passion as the mentioned Night Demon, there will be no road block to success.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. All for Nothing
  2. Fearless Priestess      
  3. No One Wins  
  4. The Observers
  5. Dawn Phenomenon   
  6. Cold Moon     
  7. Going Home   
  8. Wait to Die

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2023



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