Review GRAVE PLEASURES ‘Plagueboys’

Grave Pleasures hail from Finland and started in 2010. The debut album ‘Climax’ is available at the stores since 2013. The band started as Beastmilk before they transformed themselves into Grave Pleasures. With ‘Plagueboys’ the guys have finished work on their newest workpiece, album number three they added to their discography.

Grave Pleasures consequently follow their chosen musical direction. Post-punk is still the overarching musical passion while the new album carries also a more wave-oriented sound too. Joy Division and bands like Killing Joke are groups that come to my mind while listening to ‘Plagueboys’.

Songs like the dynamic ‘When the Shooting’s Start’ are as good as the gloomy and slower paced ‘Lead Balloons’. The songs Is loaded with melancholy and heart-breaking heaviness that wraps your soul. The magic of this longplayer is that it touches the listeners with a bouquet of sounds that is diverse and follows a musical identity at the same time. Hereby the catchy ‘Society Of Spectres’ is as well-crafted as the somber title track.

With all the sadness included songs like ‘Disintegration Girl’ carries a pop-like melody and invites for a dance of gloom. Emotionally heavier though is ‘Heart Like a Slaughterhouse’ and in line with title the song is emotional touching and puts a grey veil on your happiness.

Grave Pleasures deliver with their third album an album that transfers the post-punk and wave sound to the new millennium. Familiar and still new, that is the entertaining success formula of the Finns. A sorrowful grin, that is what the album echoes musically and hereby shows the charm of mournfulness.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Disintegration Girl
  2. Heart Like a Slaughterhouse
  3. When The Shooting’s Done
  4. High On Annihilation
  5. Lead Balloons
  6. Imminent Collapse
  7. Society Of Spectres
  8. Conspiracy Of Love
  9. Plagueboys
  10. Tears On the Camera Lens

Label: Century Media

Genre: Post-Punk / Wave

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2023




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