Review THRON ‘Dust’

The southwest of Germany is certainly one of the sunniest regions in the entire country. But it is the Black Forest which is definitely one of the darker areas of Germany, especially during autumn and winter. When in autumn the fog mystically spreads its gray veils over the coniferous forest, this is exactly the type of mood Thron has been capturing on their albums since 2017.

Thron comes from this region and is dedicated to black metal with all its mystical and mythological features. The band debuted with ‘Thron’ in 2017 and after two additional releases, ‘Dust’ is the fourth longplayer of the quintet.
‘Dust’ contains eleven songs and delivers with 55 minutes a very solid playing time. Inspired by bands like Dissection, but also Possessed up to Mercyful Fate Thron deliver furious black metal which is enriched with howling Slayer-esque leads like in ‘Monologue’. In addition, it is the cleverly integrated breaks that make the song exciting and fascinating.

No matter if you listen to the smashing opener ‘Dying in the Mud’ or if you are enthusiastic about the more atmospheric ‘Into Oblivion’, Thron offer variety on their latest output.

The raging ‘Return’ is like a storm that unloads in the Black Forest and gives free rein to the forces of nature.
In contrast, the following ‘The True Belief’ is much more tamed, without losing its pitch-black charisma. With the vicious and thundering ‘Martyr’ Thron then place a very successful closing highlight.

‘Dust’ is a vicious and dark album. A dark and cold haze wraps the listener for 55 minutes and since the album also has a very rich and powerful sound, nothing gets in the way of a pitch-black listening pleasure.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Dying In the Mud
  2. Return
  3. The True Belief
  4. The Golden Calf
  5. Monologue
  6. The Eve
  7. Into Oblivion
  8. The Tyranny Of I
  9. Face Of Despair
  10. The Wrong God
  11. Martyr

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2023




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