Review SIENA ROOT ‘Revelation’

Siena is a brown-reddish hue, a very earthy and warm color. Accordingly, it is no coincidence that the four Swedes of Siena Root have incorporated this hue into their band name, as it reflects the sound of the quartet in a very good fashion. It is this warm and organic sound that makes ‘Revelation’ an outstanding album.

Siena Root have their musical roots in the 60s and 70s. However, the band started in the late 90’s and released their debut album ‘A New Day Dawning’ in 2004.

‘Revelation’ combines many musical influences. Classic rock, psychedelic rock, blues and soul, all these genres can be found within the sound of the Swedes and make their new album a real pleasure to listen to.

It all starts with the dynamic rocker ‘Conincidence & Fate’. Immediately the superb voice of Zubaida Solid stands out. Not only that the singer has a huge vocal volume. She also manages to give the lyrics a soulful touch that ranges from fragile to energetic.

Photo: Petter Hilber

Not to be missed is the thunderous ‘No Peace’ before Siena Root delivers a soulful highlight with ‘Dusty Roads’. Blues and soul shake hands here, complemented by empathetic solo parts. Spellbound you listen to this song and after a while you realize that you listen with the mouth wide open fascinated by the sounds of this masterpiece. There is no better way to combine feeling and intensity. The same applies to the last track of the album. ‘Keeper of the Flame’ is an emotional closing point and before reaching it there are more ingenious moments to discover with the swinging ‘Winter Solstice’ and the folk-laden ‘Leaving the City’. And even the eastern-influenced moments like on ‘Madhukauns’ fit perfectly within the framework of this record.

‘Revelation’ is for sure a longplayer that will find itself in the year polls. Siena Root have made their masterpiece to date with this album. Down-to-earth, and deeply rooted in the sounds of the 70s, Siena Roots breathe the spirit of that era and manage to bring it to this time in a unique way. Truly exceptional and well worth listening to, that is ‘Revelations’.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Coincidence & Fate
  2. Professional Procrastinator
  3. No Peace
  4. Fighting Gravity
  5. Dusty Roads
  6. Winter Solstice
  7. Dalecarlia Stroll
  8. Leaving The City
  9. Little Burden
  10. Madukhauns
  11. Keeper Of The Flame

Label: Atomic Fire Records

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2023




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